Saturday, December 29, 2007

Confusion with "goran"

I'm using this Kanji in MangaLand book, and came across the word "goran". Apparently you use the te-form of a verb, and add "goran" onto the end to mean "try verbing". Well, thats the gist of it at least. It's times like these that I wish I had easy access to a native speaker, because I thought Verb-te-form + miru did the same thing. I guess I just won't use it until I have a chance to ask someone.


Keith said...

My understanding is that its use is suggestive, like 見てごらん could be "Why don't you take a look."
Is that how you view it? -てみる is 'try to do' something.

Anonymous said...

ごらんになる is the humble way of saying 見る fwiw. I would think that -te + ごらん is short for -te + ごらんください which would be the same as saying -te + みてください.